I wanted to change the brand, which for six years was associated with the slogan wedding, and its flagship model was one dress. She wants to develop and respond to the needs of our clients, and above all to feel comfortable in her outfit – says Natalia Orłowska, founder of the Rose Avenue brand.
This is a big change and there is no room for half measures there. The experience of meeting different women over the years results in a variety of cuts and lengths of dresses.
Customers in the new collection will find classic black with original accessories. Each model is finished in a unique way with a variety of applications: sequins, jewelry buttons, lace, and ostrich feathers. The collection’s recognizable features are numerous ruffles and puffed sleeves, which are broken by seemingly simple cuts. The brand is not afraid to experiment. Prints and suits appeared in the collection for the first time. This proves that Rose Avenue wants to develop and be present also in the everyday life of its clients.