There was a Wedding … and there were bridesmaids … but there was no perfect dress that would suit any of us.

I was inspired by United States and Pinterest, which is full of photos of one dress with many possibilities of wearing it. A trend known for several decades, I decided to imitate my own wedding, for my beautiful bridesmaids. It’s hard to talk about who invented the possibility of binding it to a dozen or so ways- Greeks- Indians or Americans?

With the help of one of the brides Natalia after a month of trial and error … four unsuccessful attempts to sew a dress and a dozen or so drawings …
One dress was created, and each of the bridesmaids not only looked beautiful, but above all felt comfortable covering this and that.

Suddenly, the friends and wedding guests began to ask and ask for the same – That’s how ROSE AVENUE was born, which will be the perfect solution for wedding receptions!